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Make more money and grow your business with the ConX labor share app. 

What is ConX?

Make More Money

Grow Your Business Faster

Cut Down on Labor Stress

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How ConX Works

ConX is a construction labor sharing portal that will help you deal with the highs and lows of this industry. ConX helps contractors maintain their core employees that they have invested a great deal of time and money during slower times of business. 

Loan Employees

If you have employees that you are unable to keep busy during your slow times, you can offer them to other contractors through ConX for a small profit. No more laying off employees during your slow times.

Plan the Work

ConX provides a virtual whiteboard function that allows owners, project managers, and supervisors to assign employees and borrowed workers to jobs and to plan and monitor job costs.  Time reporting, time approvals, and invoicing are all built into the platform so you have more time to get the work done.

Borrow Workers

When your business is improving or increasing, and you do not have an adequate number of employees to manage the workload, ConX offers members the ability to search the database for extra labor to fill these gaps. 

Hire Workers

ConX also has an area for potential new hires to post resumes that you will have access to when you are ready to grow. This area will have search functions that will expedite the search for the right fit, reducing costs in the hiring process.

IECRM Summit Award

Innovation of Industry

Conx-USA was honored to receive the 2022 IECRM Summit Award for Innovation of Industry.

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Labor Demand Fluctuation Can Be Stressful

Never worry about being over or understaffed again. Our platform easily allows you to borrow or loan out employees to meet the fluctuations of labor demand. 

Grow Your Business Faster

Having to worry about labor is a distraction to you putting your time and energies to do what you need: growing your business. With the ConX labor app, you can spend less time worrying about your labor and more time focusing on growing.


The “Airbnb” for construction labor. 

ConX Pricing

If you are a member of IEC or LICA, please contact your local chapter for a free access code. Labor share is currently only available to electrical. Plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical will be available soon.

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