How to Grow Your Electrical Business with Labor Sharing

by | May 10, 2022

Wondering how to grow your electrical business? While there are many business growth strategies to consider (creating a marketing plan and improving customer experience, to name a few) we’re here to talk about one strategy you may not have heard of. While a new website and marketing plan can help you find and retain customers, there’s another important part of the equation: finding and retaining good workers. Here’s how our new app ConX can help you grow your electrical business with labor sharing.

What Is Labor Sharing?

Labor sharing, or labor pooling, is a way to flexibly extend your workforce by rotating workers on an as-needed basis. This can help you navigate the highs and lows that are inherent to the industry. Using a labor sharing platform like ConX, you can pool your labor resources with other contractors.

What Our Labor Sharing App Can Do for Your Electrical Business

Labor sharing with ConX is one way that you can cut down on labor stress, take on more jobs, and ultimately, grow your business faster. We created our portal with electricians and other contractors in mind. Here’s how our tools will benefit your business and help it grow.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Before you can think about growth, you need to be able to plan and monitor each job accurately. Ideally, this shouldn’t take too much time out of your day. With ConX, owners, project managers, and supervisors are able to assign jobs and monitor costs easily. Use our time reporting, time approval, and invoicing tools in-app for both employees and borrowed workers.

Retain Your Best Employees

To keep the income rolling in and keep your customers happy, it’s essential to retain your best employees. To do this, you need to offer them job security even during slow times. If there comes a time that you’re overstaffed, you can use ConX to offer your employees to other contractors for a small profit. Your employees will have steady work and you’ll never have to lay anyone off when business is slow.

Never Be Understaffed

On the flip side of things, there may be times when you have too many jobs to complete and too little time. Instead of rejecting good job opportunities, stretching your current employees thin, and paying significant overtime costs, you can use ConX labor sharing to borrow qualified workers from other contractors temporarily. That way, you can still give your customers will still get the timely and high-quality work they expect from your business.

Hire Quality Workers to Expand Your Business

When it’s time to expand your workforce and grow your business, ConX can help with that, too! We’re implementing a tool where potential employees can post their resumes and you can browse through them to find the best fit. This can help you find great employees with reduced hiring costs.

Get a Free Trial of ConX Today

When you can easily find and retain the skilled workers you need, it’s much easier to expand your business. If you’re ready to try ConX, get in contact with us today to start your free trial!


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